US-Dakota War

US Dakota War

This page will contain all links and documents introduced in class that pertain to the US-Dakota War





  • US-Dakota War Website: This is the main site that you should use for this assignment.
  • Northern Lights: Please do not forget to use this book; it is a great resource.
  • Why Treaties Matter: This site is produced by the Minnesota Humanities Center and is worth a look!
  • Bdote Memory Map: Another site published by the Minnesota Humanities Center and well worth your time!

Examples of Student Work

Editorials Defined

  • Definition: “An editorial expresses an opinion about an issue or topic. If no opinion exists, then the article is considered an expository text. The author of an editorial expresses a specific bias, with the intent of persuading the reader toward particular thoughts or actions.” (Source:”Creative Writing Ideas and Activities.” Creative Writing Ideas and Activities. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Mar. 2017.)

Examples of Editorials Written By Middle School Students

Political Cartoons

“The ungentlemanly art of graphic satire”

  • Follow this link to view some current political cartoons
  • Follow this link to view some older political cartoon

Folk Songs Defined

  • Follow this link to find a great article defining what folk songs are. Links to many other folk song related material in this article as well.

Folk Song Examples