Electronic Magazine Project

This is the page where you will find information that pertains to your Electronic Magazine Project. Whenever I post something on my blog that relates to this assignment, I will also post it here.


Short Story


  • Bio Guidelines and Rubric: This is the document that gives an overview of the assignment and has the scoring rubric. Become one with this doc!!!
  • Biography Example: This is a nice example of a biography written by a UMA student two years ago.
  • Rough Draft Guidelines: Look at this when using your notes to write your rough draft.
  • biography.com: A link to a site that might have information on the person you are researching for your biography.
  • Encyclopedia of World Biographies: A link to another site that may help you with your biography assignment.
  • ENCYCLOpedia.com: A link to a pretty decent all-purpose online encyclopedia that may also have information for your biography assignment.
  • The Famous People: Check it out!


Magazine Articles

  • Magazine Article Guidelines:  This is the document that explains the Magazine Article assignment and includes a scoring rubric. You need to read, understand and use the rubric! Below are a couple of examples of the Magazine Article assignment.  Below is an example of the Magazine Article assignment:
  • Mag Art Guiding Questions:  This is the document you completed that contains the questions that you will research for the mag art assignment.
  • Making Notes: This is the document that you need to refer to when you are making notes for your magazine articles.\
  • Rough Draft Guidelines: This is the doc to use when writing your rough draft from your notes.
  • Introductory Paragraph: Use this doc as a help when writing your introductory paragraph!
  • Concluding Paragraph: Use this doc as a help when writing your concluding paragraph!


  • EasyBibYou need to use this link whenever you cite sources for your magazine articles and biography.


  • Elm4You This is a link to various databases; these are great places to locate valid, accurate information without wasting your time Google searching! Some one you really need to check out are here:
    • Kids InfoBits: EXCELLENT database with info written at kid level; check it out, baby!!
    • InfoTrac Student Edition: A great database as well, but the content will be more challenging than that found in Kids InfoBits.
    • Britannica Middle School This is a great online encyclopedia written at the middle school level.
    • Britannica High School This is a great online encyclopedia written at the high school level.
    • Britannica Library Encyclopedia content for all ages plus multimedia, timelines, world atlas, country comparison, quotations, and primary sources.


  • Weebly Student Log In: Use this link to access your Weebly site. Please change your password, and keep track of your username and password!
  • Examples:
    • Dallmann’s Example:  This is Dallmann’s example of a Weebly website that I am working on. As you can see, I am none-too-talented with this Weebly thing, but at least this gives you an idea of what the basics of your site should include. This will change as the year moves forward.
    • Student Example: This is a student’s example of a Weebly website; use this!!
  • Weebly Home Page: This is the document that you need to refer to when building your Weebly Home Page.
  • Weebly Ads: Refer to this document when creating ads for your Weebly site.
  • 2018-19 Weebly E-Mag Page: This is the document you need to use when building your Weebly E-Mag page. This document is fluid; it will change over time and I will add more and more to it! This was updated on 5/15/19.
  • Weebly Social Studies Page: Use this document to guide you through the creation of your Weebly Social Studies Page

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