Week 35, Grade 6 Humanities: 5/13/19-5/17/19

Monday, 5/13 B Day (LA)

  • Writers’ Workshop:  Finish peer editing/revising. Submit work on “Final Draft” sent in LAGC.

Tuesday, 5/14 A Day (SS)

  • CNN 10
  • Mock Legislative Session:
    • “Final Bill” assignment is due today. You MUST complete this by the end of class to participate in the mock session that starts on Thursday!
    • Here you can look at a Sample Final Bill
  • Current Events: CE8 was sent in SSGC today. This is due by the start of class next Wednesday, 5/22.

Wednesday, 5/15 B Day (LA)

  • Writers’ Workshop:
    • Today you must complete revising your Bio 2nd draft based on peer feedback, copy and paste you revised work onto the “Bio Final Draft” sent in LAGC and turn in your work.
    • For those who finished the Biography Peer Revision, address the comments I made on your Bio Final Draft. When done, you will grade your work and then turn it in.

Thursday, 5/16 A Day (SS)

  • CNN 10
  • Mock Legislative Session: Session starts today. Senate will select a President and House will select a Speaker. Session protocol will be introduced, dockets set and maybe the introduction of bill.

Friday, 5/17 B Day (LA)

  • Writers’ Workshop:
    • Your Final draft is due by the end of class today. You need to address the comments I made on your work, score your work and then your work needs to be turned in.

Looking Ahead…

  • Tuesday, 5/14, : Final Bill Due (E.O.C.)
  • Wednesday, 5/15: Bio Per Revision Due (E.O.C.)
  • Friday, 5/17: Bio Final Due (E.O.C.)
  • Wednesday, 5/22: CE 8 Due (S.O.C.)
  • Friday, 5/24: No Classes (Student Release Day)
  • Monday, 5/27: No Classes (Memorial Day)
  • Tuesday, 6/11: Last Day/Canoe Trip