Week 13, Grade 6 Humanities: 11/19/18-11/23/18

Monday, 11/19 (A Day LA)

  • Do Now
  • Writers’ Workshop: 
    • Your mag art 1 rough draft is due by the end of class today. Follow the guidelines, and make sure you turn in your work when you are done.
    • If you finish early, you can:
      • Work on CE3 (due start of class tomorrow)
      • Create your 2018-19 Weebly E-Mag Page. Review these guidelines, and make sure to look at the examples on the E-Mag project page.  This is due by the end of class tomorrow!

Tuesday, 11/20 (B Day)

  • Do Now
  • CNN 10
  • Work Time: Use class time to catch up with any missing/late assignments you may have
    • Mag Art 1 Rough Draft
    • CE 3
    • Weebly E-Mag page

Wednesday, 11/21-11/23

Looking Ahead…

  • Monday, 11/19: Mag Art Rough Draft due by end of class
  • Tuesday, 11/20: Current Events #3 due by start of class
  • Tuesday, 11/20: E-Mag set up due by end of class
  • Wednesday, 11/21-Friday, 11/23: No Classes
  • Monday, 11/26: Mag Art Second Draft due by end of class
  • Friday, 11/30: No Classes
  • Monday, 12/3: Mag Art Final Draft due by end of class